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book coverI am very grateful to the following co-authors, who have written the majority of the book:

Adam Waldman    Anwar Padhani    Bill Crum    Bruno Brochet    Claudia Wheeler-Kingshott    Declan Chard    Fergus Rugg-Gunn    Gareth Barker    Geoff Parker   Gerard Davies    Jamshid Dehmeshki    John Ashburner     John Detre    Klaus Petry    Laura Parkes    Mark van Buchem    Nick Ramsay    Penny Gowland   Peter Jezzard    Phil Boulby     Richard Kennan    Rolf Jager    Stefan Steens    Tina Good    Val Stevenson   Vincent Dousset

Section A: The M
easurement Process.
1. Concepts: Measurement and MR (Paul S. Tofts).
2. The Measurement Process: MR Data Collection and Image Analysis (Paul S. Tofts).
3. QA: Quality Assurance, Accuracy, Precision and Phantoms (Paul S. Tofts).

Section B: Windows into the Brain: Measuring MR Parameters.
4. PD: Proton Density of Tissue Water (Paul Tofts).
5. T1: the Longitudinal Relaxation Time (Penny A. Gowland and Valerie L. Stevenson).
6. T2: the Transverse Relaxation Time (Philip A. Boulby and Fergus J. Rugg-Gunn).
7. D: the Diffusion of Water (Claudia A.M. Wheeler-Kingshott, Gareth J. Barker, Stefan C.A. Steens and Mark A. van Buchem).
8. MT: Magnetisation Transfer (Paul S. Tofts, Stefan C.A. Steens and Mark A. van Buchem).
9. Spectroscopy: 1H Metabolite Concentrations (Paul S. Tofts and Adam D. Waldman).
10. T1-w DCE-MRI: T1-weighted Dynamic Contrast-enhance d MRI (Geoff J.M. Parker and Anwar Padhani).
11. T2- and T2*-w DCE-MRI: Blood Perfusion and Volume Estimation using Bolus Tracking (Richard P. Kennan and H. Rolf Ja¨ger).
12. Functional MRI (Peter Jezzard and Nick F. Ramsay).
13. ASL: Blood Perfusion Measurements using Arterial Spin Labelling (Laura M. Parkes, John A. Detre).

Section C: The Biology.

14. Biology: The Significance of MR Parameters in Multiple Sclerosis (Bruno Brochet, Klaus G. Petry and Vincent Dousset).

Section D: Analysing Images.

15. Spatial Registration of Images (John Ashburner and Catriona D. Good).
16. Volume and Atrophy (Geoff J.M. Parker and Declan T. Chard).
17. Shape and Texture (William R. Crum).
18. Histograms: Measuring Subtle Diffuse Disease (Paul S. Tofts, Gerard R. Davies and Jamshid Dehmeshki ).

Section E: Where are we going?
19. The Future of qMRI: Conclusions and Speculation (Paul S. Tofts).

Appendix 1: Greek Alphabet for Scientific Use.


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